Big Veg

ISBN-13: 9781472287014
Gerald Stratford
April 26, 2022
Hardcover| 224 pages
Gardening / Vegetables 
Learn how to grow big veg with Gerald Stratford, the gardening grandad loved by a quarter of a million fans on Twitter. Full of Gerald's encouragement, dry humor and grandfatherly wisdom - this book makes the perfect companion for anyone keen to grow-your-own. Big Veg is a funny, charming and handy book about growing veg, illustrated with photos of Gerald at home in his garden. With an easy to follow month-by-month guide to sowing, planting and harvesting veg, and tips on how to grow really big veg, Gerald's book is packed with decades of gardening know-how. "I am very grateful for all the interest my wonderful friends and followers on Twitter have taken in my gardening. If you're looking to learn more about growing big veg or to find out about the way I do things, I hope this book gives you the motivation you need to get out in the garden. Cheers!"